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Server crash/connection issues
Technical questions
1. If the server error occurred due to the company’s fault and you sustained losses due to the error, you have the right to send a complaint to the company. Complaints are accepted within two working days from the moment when the case occur...
Server connection lost
Technical questions
The platform fails to connect to the server. What should I do?If you see the "No connection" message in the status line in the bottom right corner, please do the following:1. Close the platform and restart it.2. Close the platform, press th...
Profit miscalculation
Technical questions
Why does the profit shown in my trading platform differ from the sum by which the balance has been increased?The point is that in your InstaTrader setups the option to show the deal result in the currency of the order, not in the one of the...
Unable to open position
Technical questions
One of the main reasons why you could fail to open a deal in a trading platform is typing in the investor password instead of the trader password. Please make sure that you enter your trader password in the authorization form.Another common...
Account history displaying
Technical questions
To view your trading history, right-click on the “Account History” tab and select “All history” in the drop down menu.
Terminal time
Trading conditions
The winter terminal time is set to UTC+2. In the summer period, clocks in the terminal are turned forward one hour to UTC+3. The terminal time is shifted twice a year due to the Europe switching to day-light saving time and vice versa, on t...
MT4 for Linux
Technical questions
The MT4 trading platform can be installed and run on computers with Linux using Wine. Wine is free software that allows users of the Unix-based systems to run an application developed for the Microsoft Windows systems. Among all the Wine ve...
Mobile trading
Technical questions
InstaForex supports trading via mobile devices. You will find mobile platform applications for iOS and Android on our website:
Technical questions
When the client selects Arabic language in the platform, it can show strange symbols instead of Arabic words. In this case you have to open your Control panel through Start menu and choose the option "Clock, language and region", then "Regi...
Closing order offline
Technical questions
To close a deal, you can contact the support service by phone or via a live chat. You will be required to provide your account number, a code word, and an order ticket. With this information, the customer support manager will be able to clo...